A man named Hammed Lanre has Been jailed for defrauding his friend to play 9jaBet.He is a civil engineer by professional.

Hammed Lanre was jailed by Justice Mahmood Abdulgafar of a Kwara State High court.

Lanre was alleged to have illegally withdrawn the sum of N540,000 using using his friend’s phone.

Lanre had accessed his friend’s PIN without his friend knowing it.
On getting a hint of his activities, the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), thereafter, located and arrested him in Lagos.
 he was first arraigned on July 8, 2019 on a two-count charge to which Lanre had pleaded “not guilty”.

Lanre was couraged to approached the EFCC for a plea bargain; a decision that led to him being re-arraigned on an amended charge to which he pleaded “guilty.”