With the numerous opportunities and possibilities on internet search engine these days, it is becoming clearly evident that days of a university degree being the only helpful option in landing the most suitable jobs are over.

There are lots of job search sites on the internet these days posting millions of high paying jobs in Canada. The most important thing about it is that they do not require a certain university degree at all. It is true that you do not have to bag a degree to get these jobs, but you still have to have some level of experience and some level of specific training for the job. For example, According to Airline’s website, pilots who  apply to work for them should at least have 3000 hours flight experience. While some employers check out on some qualities you could possess that should be of good benefit to them, some other employer may be looking some level of specific training for the job.

So Here are the List of Jobs You Can Get in Canada Without a Degree

1. Electrician-$62,339 per year


An average electrician in the Great white north earns roughly $62,339 every year.I would say this is a great income for an average electrician. And there is so much need for electricians at the moment. There are more than 1,290 job postings on this demand.

2.Sales Executive- $63,017 per year

Sales Executive

There are thousands of job openings online for a sales executive per a million posting on a lot job search sites like canadamia,workbc, indeed and co between December to march. An average Sale executive earns about $63,017 per year.

3. Web/App developer-$66,058

Web/App Developer

The job of a web or an app developer is a lucrative one in Canada right now with a yearly salary that is around $66,058. I would say that it is actually a good pay for someone who has no university degree (Although you must have some certain training on web development, java script or whatever) There are more than a thousand job postings for this field per more than a million job listings between December to march.

4. Firefighter-$70,000-$100,000 per year


Thou candidates would not be needing a university degree to secure a job as a firefighter in Canada, but candidates should make sure they have completed high school, have a valid driver´s license, allowed to work in Canada legally, Candidates has a first aid and CPR certificate, pass a fitness assessment and also pass a vision text.

5. Construction Manager-$55,000’162,000 per year

Construction Manager

Construction managers are much in demand in Canada. You are needed to have at least two years experience in the profession and also you need to be certified in Canada through a trade certification board.

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