This is to announce that Google conference and travel scholarship 2021 has commenced for interested persons. The Scholarship seeks to provide a platform for where interested persons can access funding for scholarships they want to accept.

You will find this update useful if you are searching for Google Scholarships for International students, Google Scholarship 2021, or how to get a google scholarship. With an increase in the search for funding for international studies, Google seeks to provide leverage for students through this Google Conference and Travel Scholarship 2021.

It is open to all especially, tech-related and computer programming students. Google presents an equal playing ground with no undeserved special preference.

What You Should Know About Google Conference and Travel Scholarship for 2021

  • Eligibility for this Google Scholarship 2021 cuts across many bounds of requirements, nevertheless, not all are mandatory.
  • Google has a reputation as the most used search engine in the world which makes its scholarship most sought after.
  • Google scholarships are mostly need-based, however, your academic record is also an important core requirement.
  • They provide an equal environment for all applicants irrespective of region or country.
  • Scholarships in google are for all. However, preference would be given to applicants with disabilities.
  • If you perform exceptionally well employment awaits you.
  • It also provides a platform for candidates to get mentoring from world-class professionals in different fields.
  • The process and how to get a Scholarship at google is easy.
  • Tech remains a pivotal part of google’s drive for a technology-driven future.

Benefits of Google Conference and Travel Scholarship for 2021

Before we show How to Apply for Google Scholarship, below are benefits/award prizes.

  • North America [ $1000 ]
  • Indian [ $1000 – $3000 ]
  • African students [ $1000 – $3000 ]
  • Japan and South Korea [ $3,000 ]
  • Application approval is based mainly on the review committee’s approval.
  • The number of opening is not specified. However, it has multiple opportunities for a lot of international participants.
  • The selection and eligibility requirement differs from countries. Nevertheless, you must have received a conference invitation.
  • The process and how to apply for Google Scholarships for International students differs which would be specified in the portal.

Requirements/Eligibility for this Google Scholarships for International students

We will specify the eligibility by country ensure you apply based on your country specifications.

For North America:

  • Legal resident or native of any North American country.
  • Minimum of 18 years of age, however, if there is a need for special consideration it would be considered.
  • Computer science students, especially, in fields related to tech.


  • Only eligible European woman
  • Sound academic background is important, Nevertheless excellent leadership skill is also top priority


  • Only Indian citizens
  • Be the primary author of the accepted paper especially in fields related to tech.
  • The oral presentation of works would be most important.


  • Must show the need for funds, especially for acceptance.
  • Must be the author of the book for a presentation. However, co-authored books will be accepted
  • Oral presentation.

Japan and South Area

  • Full-time student at a recognized university.
  • Google Conference and Travel Scholarship 2020/2021 officials made it compulsory for candidates to have obtained Computer certification.
  • No Workshop paper will be accepted. Therefore, understandable situations would be considered for this Google Scholarship program

How to Apply for Google Scholarship

The Application goes through different phases. and they will be supervised by a selected committee member. Ensure you submit your form before the deadline.

Don’t submit late. However, the Application must contain a sealed University letter of assent. Ensure your international passport is with you because you would be needing it. Inform Google Conference and Travel Scholarship 2021 officials if there is a need for a special travel provision.

Follow the Application links below to apply

Only selected candidates would get feed backs. Expect an email 8 – 10 weeks before conference commencement.